Riccardo Tisci's Givenchy Collection Delivers Tribal Goodness


Givenchy Spring-Summer 2014/AP

It takes a fashion genius to fuse tribal-wear with modern or even forward looking aesthetics, but Riccardo Tisci pulled it off and more during his spring-summer 2014 fashion exhibition. Presenting haute couture with both an artistic flare and a wearable look, Tisci's exhibition was something fresh to behold despite its ancient roots.


Givenchy delivered what could possibly be one of its most imaginative shows in recent memory for spring-summer 2014, a myriad kinetic play of stripes and color that confirms why designer Riccardo Tisci’s collections are among the most eagerly anticipated on the Paris calendar.


The mood of the show might have been described as tribal-meets-machine, with electronic circuitry prints appearing alongside loincloth shapes, leggings, printed Aztec-like neck adornments, sandals and even primal face paints.


It takes a designer as bold as Italy-born Tisci to pull something off this wacky and anachronistic. (Read More)

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