Riding on the Road. Be Defensive but Don?t be Timid

When you ride on the road you are exposed. You are on a narrow metal bike and even narrower tires. Your helmet protects you to a degree, but road biking can be dangerous especially if you are not conscious of the risks. Here we will take a look at some techniques that can make your ride safer and keep you riding longer.




It is all about being visible to the motorist. If they do not see you then the chances are greater that they will run you over or off the road. Bright colored clothing helps a lot here. With the vast choice of cycling jerseys available these days you can easily find something that you like and that catches the attention of motorists. If you are riding at night clothes with reflective bands also are great for keeping you visible. Lights, both on the front and back, should be considered mandatory for night riding if you want to stay safe. Lights that flicker on and off also make you more noticeable to drivers.




Where you position your bike is important for safe riding. Some favor riding very close to the curb or in the gutter. This is not a good idea. Give yourself a comfortable cushion to maneuver your bike. This also makes you more visible. You do not need to be out in the middle of the road, but stake your claim to a bike sized portion and stick to it. You can drift a bit to the side to let a car pass, but do this only as they approach you.




Signals with your hands and arms help avoid collisions. Communicate with motorists. Point to where you are going with hand and arm movements. This catches the attention of the driver and they will respond by being more cautious.


Eye Contact


Whenever possible make eye contact with drivers. This makes you noticed and the motorist pays more attention. Looking at someone instinctively causes them to look back at you. Eye catching bikes, like ones available from cycles on finance from All Terrain,also attract attention.


Obey Traffic Laws


Now some cyclists will ride through red lights and stop signs but this is high risk behavior. First of all you are not as visible as a car. Secondly you are moving fast on a bike so if you suddenly appear in front of a car gunning it through the intersection you are likely to end up injured severely or even fatally. The extra time you save is not worth it. Ride like you drive. Respect the rules and you will stay safe.


Keep Your Bike Well Tuned


Brakes and tires are especially important here. Keep them well adjusted. If you bike has seen better days take it in for a tune up. If it is in really bad shaperoad bike interest free creditloans are available that can get you on a new ride.


When riding on the road you face many risks, and the greatest is from cars. By keeping a few simple rules in mind you can avoid accidents. In all cases be confident but ride defensively as well. Ride smart and you will ride longer.


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