Rita Ora's Trainwreck Ride Through Fashion

Say The Buck Stops Here... PLEASE

Squirrel/Splash News

What the heck happened to Rita Ora? She started out this season with a no-holds-barred attitude that translated into masterful ensembles, but her brilliance has since degraded into some sort of sloppy, tasteless train wreck of a fashion sense. So why is she wearing these awful duds? And when can we have our stylish Rita Ora back?


And now she has stepped out in the latest in what is developing into a series of poor outfit choices for the R.I.P singer.


Arriving at Heathrow airport for a flight to Malta, Rita teamed her trademark trucker cap and chunky black high tops with something a little unusual.


In an outfit that looked strikingly similar to Rupert The Bear's scarf, the star broke just about every style rule under the sun by opting for baggy orange check trousers, plus matching high-neck crop top. That's right, kids - she didn't even clash her prints. Gasp.


With her blonde hair longer than usual and signature red lipstick strikingly absent, it looks like Rita might be suffering the 'Cara effect', as she grows ever-closer to 'wifey' Cara Delevnigne. (Check Out The Gallery)

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