Robyn Lawley, Plus-Sized Model, Takes Over the Fashion World

Robyn Lawley is everywhere these days; she appears in a lingerie campaign, on the cover of Vogue Italia last year and is one of the new faces for iconic American brand, Ralph Lauren. The 23-year old model is also a size 10, plus-size in out fashion culture today.

“I had to go through my own self-love, self-hate to get to where I am,” Lawley tells PEOPLE. “It took me years to watch other plus-size models be so confident with themselves. But then I realized that I could use my voice to be a positive role model for girls. When I found plus-size modeling, it was such a relief to be just me.”

Lawley’s modeling career began early at age 16 when she entered a modeling competition, and finally signing with an agency at three years later at the age of 19. Just four short years later Lawley is a Wilhelmina model, in the ranks of fashion’s biggest names and participating in shoots with the biggest brands and campaigns. 

“It feels really good,” she says of her recent success. “I feel it’s been a really long time coming, but it feels like it was meant to happen now.”

Lawley says she was inspired by “strong, not-too-skinny” models of the 90s, like Linda Evangelista, and hopes she can be inspire others the same way: “I do try to respond to comments I receive on Facebook,” she says. “Some girls struggle with confidence, so it’s nice to be able to talk to them.”

This plus-sized beauty breaks the mold and redefines what it means to be sexy. Her confidence and looks appeal to the ‘real woman” in America and all over the world.  “I genuinely want companies to take notice and start being more realistic about who their customer really is,” Lawley said. “I hope to keep breaking down those barriers.” 

Looks like nothing is stopping this upcoming fashion sensation. 


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