Ryan Dolan Sports All Leather Outfit in Eurovision 2013

Ryan Doland


Say what you will about the man's earsplitting music, but Ryan Dolan can wear a pair of leather pants. Sure, the all-leather look may have gone out of style in the 80's, but men's fashion is fickle and if he looks good, lay off. After all, he could have come dressed like Cezar.


Sometimes life's just inexplicable. Take poor Ryan Dolan.


Ireland's man at the mic gave a great performance of Only Love Survives at Eurovision. Everyone sold it well – Ryan, the greased up bohdran players, the dancers. (The only glaring mistake was Ryan's Joey Boswell leather trousers – never a good look, lads). And it was a better than average song, not that much different from the the eventual winner from Denmark. Heavy on drums, vaguely Eurodisco, it would be hard to actively dislike.


Indeed, following Ireland's qualification from the semis, the song was selling so well that it broke into the mid-week charts of several European countries. (Read More)

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