Ryan Lochte?s Fashion Flare and Paul Wall Designed Grill

Everywhere you look you see a new face (and body) sporting the red white and blue. Move over Michael Phelps, a new champion is in town and women have taken notice. Ryan Lochte not only has a gold medal, sponsorships and a fantastic swimmer bod, but he also has his own sense of swag and flare. That kind of fashion confidence and unique style is hard to come by.

The Olympic swimmer reportedly has over 130 sneakers and a flashy watch collection as well as a new edition to his apparel he flashed to the world: a diamond-studded out American flag grill designed by rapper Paul Wall. Olympic officials threated Lochte to remove the grill or else he would not receive his gold medal on the podium. Lochte reportedly agreed but popped in the patriotic grill last minute to flash a proud American smile to viewers all over the world. It is rumored he has to pay a fine for the bold move, but that is a small price to pay for embracing this momentous moment. As there always will be, fashion and sports journalists criticized Lochte’s grill and sportsmanship. But this is not the first (or last) grill the swimmer has sported, having grills designed for other events like the World Aquatics Championship in Melbourne, the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the 2009 World Championship in Rome, and the 2011 World Championship in Shanghai, according to Yahoo News. And Lochte had this American flag grill specially made for the 2012 Olympics and his debut as a World Champion. Smile proud Lochte, we don’t mind.

Allie Montgomery

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