Ryan McGinley's Amazing Fashion Photography for Edun

Ryan McGinley/Edun

Using African imagery, Ryan McGinley has created some stellar photography for Edun's Spring/Summer 2013 fashion campaign, aptly titled "African Showers." In its own right, the photography could stand on its own in any art house or photography museum.


Ryan McGinley joins Edun once again, this time for the Spring Summer 2013 ‘African Showers’ campaign. Moving up another level from those birds, this time McGinley hangs out with some incredible African elephants for the shoot. Alongside this, ‘The Animal series’ features two images across black and white t-shirts made from 100% Ugandan cotton. McGinley comments ““There is a little extra electricity in this season’s images that comes from putting the models together with a true African elephant. It’s impossible not to acknowledge a certain sense of danger and the respect you have to have for this amazing animal.” See it all in the gallery and below. Check out the Gallery

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