San Diego?s Wonderful Sushi

For those of you who may have taken Japanese in high school or college and have any memory of it, you might remember that ichiban means “Number One.” Wonderful Sushi in Hillcrest is a Japanese restaurant that has a responsibility to provide the best Japanese food available as the original name for the restaurant was Ichiban on the Rocks, and many people still refer to the location by that name.


Even more interesting is that it delivers food on par with its lofty name. As far as Japanese cuisine and sushi are concerned, Ichiban on the Rocks is by far the best that I have had the pleasure of devouring in this city, making it one of the best restaurants in San Diego, in my opinion of course. While none of the individual rolls or meals are the single best that I have had, the overall quality of everything presented at Ichiban on the Rocks is what makes this my favorite all-around Japanese restaurant around and is well worth checking out.

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