Selfridges Unveils Plan for Drive-Thru Shopping

Rex Features

Looking to capitalize on a lazier base of consumers, Selfridges has rolled out a plan to get drive-thru shopping put in place at some of their retail locations. I really don't like this idea whatsoever as it takes all the fun out of shopping for new fashions. What do you think?


SELFRIDGES will open the world's first drive-through shopping service from January. Shoppers will be able to order purchases online, before collecting them from a reception area behind the Oxford Street store - without even having to get out of the car.

"There will be a dedicated area providing the level of service you would expect from Selfridges," Selfridges multi-channel director Simon Forster told The Evening Standard. "It will not just be the first drive-through service, it will be the best." Read More


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