SEO Results - How Long Do They Take?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategies are notoriously a long term procedure. There’s no quick fix that brings results over night and there’s nothing you can just put in place and expect to run without updates. SEO is all about researching the work that needs doing, implementing SEO features, monitoring those alterations and consistently updating those processes to keep them current and fresh.

But how long does it take to see those factors flourish and produce positive results on your website? Although there are certain techniques to speed up the process, it’s one that needs to be looked at as an investment. Setting up an SEO strategy is like planting a seed; it takes a long time to grow into a tree, but when it does it’s stronger than anything you imagined.

Despite the appreciation of the long term, as a business advocate, you need to know how this investment will plan out. How long will it take? What do you need to do in the meantime? And is it worth the money you're spending now for the results you may see in the faraway future?
Things to Bear in Mind:


The process of indexing on search engines can be a slow one. With millions of web pages across the vast expanse that is the internet, there’s a great deal of work for search engines to do. Not only are they monitoring changes to existing websites, they’re also discarding disused web pages, addressing 404 error pages and seeking out new websites constantly being created worldwide. With new websites popping up in every nook and cranny of the internet and their search engines spiders working overtime, indexing can take quite a while to pick up all new changes.

If you’re a brand new website that has just been born and has implemented a whole host of SEO tactics to get the ball rolling, search engines won’t necessarily pick those up instantly and list you for your desired keywords. Instead the process can take a few weeks to not only recognize your website as a legitimate entity but also to derive the purpose of your content and which search rankings you should be displayed in.

In order to speed this process up, consistent and constant fresh content will spark interest from search engine spiders and allow them to link your content purpose to related searches using the quick input and turnover of keywords on your web pages.

Organic Linking to Your Site

Building false links to your site rings alarm bells in Google and other search engines. They can work out if a brand new site suddenly has hundreds of backlinks attempting to verify them as a credible source. In order to appease search engine algorithms, the growth of a back link database needs to be a realistically organic process. It comes from various commendable sources crediting you as a reputable resource, social media coverage and sharing, as well as input from yourself on forums and online communities.

This takes time and results won’t be shown until your back links can reasonably show the growth of your company among the online community. Any falsehoods only discredit your attempts at spreading the word of your brand.

Responding to Changes in the Industry

In the generation we live, nothing stands still for long. With every industry making alterations
constantly and an influx of fast-paced information, keywords and popular culture changes with the blink of an eye.

Whether you’re in the football business, a company that sells reclining leather chairs or a chiropractor specializing in personal injury, fresh content and reworking of your site is a key step to keeping on top of those changes. Search engine spiders will be analysing for the latest information in all industry fields and unless you’re making it your job to keep up with those developments, your SEO campaign will fall behind and you won’t see the results you’re investing in any time soon.


No matter how much research you put into trying to undermine and overcome your competition, is the field is a competitive one, it’s going to take time to beat all those opponents. If other businesses have been in the loop for longer than yours, they’re already one step ahead of you and it’s your job to use other strategies to overtake their lead.

Continuous efforts for a fresh SEO campaign will eventually reap rewards but the timeframe is merely dependent on how competitive the field is. If you’re selling reclining leather chairs, you can’t expect to overtake Ikea in a day; you’re in for the long haul.

About the Author:

James Martell has become such a renowned expert in the field of SEO that his client base has become an extensive mass of weird and wonderful online companies, from an Ellicott City Chiropractor to businesses suppling men’s gadgets, James dedicates a large portion of his time providing them with such in depth SEO techniques that they’re companies shoot straight up Google’s rankings before he can say ‘Search Engine Optimization’.

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