Sexism on the Rise in Street Fashion

via The Daily Beast

It's not like there has been enough of this garbage plastered all over the place lately, why not have it on street clothes that, most likely, is going to be worn by young people who have no idea what kind of image they're portraying or the incredibly cruel history associated with it. Great.


"Who the fuck is Plain Jane?" reads a T-shirt from the Spring 2013 collection by Montreal lifestyle brand Plain Jane Homme. Next to the question stands the silhouette of a naked woman, her back turned, with panties around her ankles. This is the logo of a Canadian clothing company that purports to be inspired by "the ultimate gentleman." Originally only appearing on T-shirts, the image is reminiscent of the infamous 1970s mud-flap girl favored by long-haul truckers and now adorns hats, jackets, and pants sold across Canada, the U.S., and Europe.

But it begs the question: who the fuck is Plain Jane Homme—or any other company in 2013 for that matter—to make female submission its mascot? Read More

Images from Plain Jane Homme, Forever 21, Madhouse and Topman

D. McMillin

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