Shaving Isn't Difficult, Do it Right

Valet Magazine

I think that being uncomfortable during a shave has a lot to do with the current style trend of beards, which is visible pretty much anywhere you go. If this really is the case, maybe these guys should head over to this quick guide by Valet and take note of the pointers, it'll leave their shaves smooth and painless.

First thing in the morning, you're dragging a sharp blade across your face, around your neck, then dipping into crevices around your chin. Face it, the practice of shaving can be a stressful and sometimes painful endeavor. Herewith, everything you need to know to make the process (and your shave) as smooth as possible.

Irritation is often due to a dull blade or simply too many blades. Most dermatologists will tell you, in order to achieve a quick and painless shave, swap out your vibrating five-blade cartridges for a low-tech, disposable two-blade model and change it regularly after four or five shaves. Read More

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