Shoe-Buying Tips to Keep Your Feet Comfortable

Calvin Klein

Having footwear that not only fits comfortably but also keeps your feet properly seated is of dire importance as we go about our day. While it's a terrible situation when shoes are uncomfortably tight, the opposite is pretty embarrassing when they just slip off your heels when walking naturally.


Dear Sharon:  For the past three years, I trip out of my shoes. It started when I was on the my way to job interview when, all of a sudden, both my feet slipped out of my pumps! I had been wearing these pumps all year and now they didn’t fit. It was a nightmare just to make it to the door of the interview as I couldn’t take a “normal” step without losing a shoe.

So embarrassing!

From that day on, no strapless pumps fit me ever again. I have tried so many heel grips, heel pads and even innersoles at the same time, but nothing worked. Read More

Michael P.

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