Showers On Wedding

Showers On Wedding

The wedding day is the most remarkable day in anyone’s life.  And this gives a justified reason for it to be perfect. This perfection must be visible in everything present on that day, the dress, the arrangements, the food, the guests and the weather...

While it is easy to take care of the other aspects, dealing with the weather is somewhat tricky. This is more likely at the places where the rains and the storms are frequent and unpredictable. The following few points below help in getting prepared for a perfect wedding, which stays to be enjoyable even on a wet day.

An Alternative Venue:

You may have thought of an outdoor gathering with the vast natural lands and an ample space. However, the towns that have the frequent possibility of rains demand an alternative arrangement, just in case the weather gets unfavourable. It is easy to have the wedding marquee set up on the spot, which can accommodate the guests during the wet hours. It will help in continuing the party and the rituals. These marquees are available in a wide range, and look beautiful with the floral decoration. The vast range of materials and colours offer one a choice. Most importantly, these are very reasonably priced. The marquee can be well used to store the catering equipments and the seating arrangement. It may also have the cake placed well shaded, unmoved by the weather. 

Another alternative is to have an indoor arrangement close to the gathering spot, which can be utilized just in case the weather takes a toll. This location however should be easily and quickly accessible by all the guests. Nobody wants to turn up wet on this special day.

The Marquee Decoration:

The wedding marquee should be decorated in a manner that can complement the outdoor theme. The plants and flowers should be evenly scattered. A skilful decoration can have the marquee look like a part of the location. The plants surrounding the place can be moved inside the tent in the small sized pots. The wooden decor inside can be an added touch to the arrangements.

Another good idea will be the use of picnic tables and chairs. This will keep the outdoor theme intact. If possible, one may use the wooden logs for decoration as well as seating. This will definitely look unique. Now if you are having any trouble arranging all these, You can count on Jumponitsa which is offering services like Jump On It San Antonio

Monitor The Weather:

Keep a constant check on the weather forecast from at least a week before your wedding. Rain is not your only concern. It may be any natural hassle that may knock uninvited. The strong winds or the scorching sun do not prove too favourable on a day as pleasant as a wedding day. These need some preparation and a change in the otherwise planned outdoor venue. 

In short, the weather can be tackled well with a little head start towards the busy hour’s arrangements. A few modifications can provide an immense peace of mind to the bridal couple on the day this important. After that, it is just fun and the party that rules the day, irrespective of the weather changes.


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