"Silence of The Horses"

What would you do if you were hopelessly in love with horses and craving for a fluffy souffle on a rainy winter's day in Istanbul? I found the answer in visiting one of the cosiest cafes in town that is currently hositng an equestian paintings exhibition by Bilsun Sözeri. 

Bilsun Sözeri, born in 1974, is an aspiring painter who has adopted and combined the techniques of her favorite Turkish contemporary artists (i.e. Ertuğrul Ateş) to come up with her own hybrid artistic style.

While some of Sözeri paintings showcased are unique products of this hybrid approach, some of her works are inspired by internationally acclaimed photographers such as Robert Vavra and Raphael Macek.

So if you are looking for a break from the crowds in Istanbul this week, make sure to visit Juno situated in one of the poshest neighborhoods in Istanbul for a low key dinner or drinks to with friends and enjoy the beauty of many colorful horses that came to life from Sözeri's brush.

Below are my favorite pieces, just to give you a sneakpeak! 

Rana Babac

In the last 10 years, Rana Babaç has held different executive positions in both media and entertainment industries. From managing marcom activities of a portfolio of international media and luxury brands (incl. Walt Disney, Land Rover, Hilton and ViaCom) at Grayling International's Turkey office, to playing a pivotal role in organizing international sports events such as Redbull Air Race 2007,...(Read More)

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