Singapore Yacht Shows Draw Record Crowds

Last week saw the world’s elite descend on two exclusive Singapore marinas to look at some of the most luxurious yachts on the planet. Boat Asia and the Singapore Yacht Show are Asia’s premier displays, and are must-attend events for yacht enthusiasts, brokers, makers and owners.

More than 10,000 visitors came to see spectacles including the 318 foot British-built Vava II superyacht, and the stunningly designed Dutch 188 foot Twizzle. The former is one of the world’s most impressive yachts, boasting an array of luxurious features. It took an expert team of 200 engineers and designers two years to bring the near 4000 tonne boat to life. Even its passenger boats are the first word in opulence, costing $1.5 million each. A tank full of fuel will set back its owner almost $400,000. The insurance premium must be an incredible figure. You can search for your own yacht insurance with Towergate.

The Singapore Yacht Show experienced more than double last year’s footfall, and the event is expected to grow in popularity next year. Boat Asia also entertained more than the 12,000 that attended last year.

The choice of Singapore as the show’s destination comes as no surprise when you learn that it features the highest ratio of millionaires anywhere in the world. It’s also expected to continue growing in wealth, and is predicted to overtake Switzerland by the end of the decade. This is certainly the sort of place that yacht brokers look to tap into.

The exhibition is an ideal place for both western and eastern yacht makers alike to display what they’ve crafted. After all; the event isn’t just for show, this is a place for paying customers. While not all of the boats will be for sale, they certainly demonstrate what is possible. The only limit here is the depth of your wallet.

If this year’s show was anything to go by, next year will be even more spectacular. If you’re a yacht enthusiast, then mark the date in your diary.


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