Six Places to visit in Mexico.

Mexico is the fifth largest country of the Americas and is a federal constitutional republic. This county has a population of over 112 million and the eleventh most populated country in the world. Mexico has a history which is of more than 23000 years.  Mexico being one of the oldest countries has many tourist places and historical places to visit. This article has the information of the places to visit in Mexico.

Nature at Chiapas
Chiapas in Mexico is the land filled with natural beauty. This place is blessed with scenic beauty that cannot be witnessed anywhere else in the world. There are numerous destinations in this place that are must to visit and make sure you plan a long holiday to spend in this place. One of the must to visit place here is the San Cristóbal de las Casas.

Relive the El Tajin
El Tajin is one of the ancient cities of Mexico which has a history of more than twenty three thousand years. This is a city of the ancient Mexico with huge ruined construction. This place is now preserved for the tourists. One can witness the oldest cities, their constructions and streets here. This was once the residential place of the noble and the richest men of Mexico.

Explore the Mexico city
Any tourist who visits Mexico cannot complete his trip without exploring the Mexico city which is the capital city of Mexico. This is one of the oldest and the largest cities of the world. The cities key attraction is the city square which has the oldest cathedral which was built in the year 1573. The square even has other attractions like the national palace and other places like the famous educational institutions, the oldest restaurants, shopping streets and more. Exploring this vast city in a single day is just impossible.

Puerto Vallarta
The Puerto Vallarta is the most beautiful lace of Mexico which has more than forty miles of coastline and the rest of the area covered with mountains. This place is the perfect place if you want to have a fantastic tropic holiday. The Puerto Vallarta is the cultural head of the Mexico with arts, folk and music.

Isla Mujeres
The Isla Mujeres is one of the smallest islands of Mexico which is just awesome to spend the holiday. This place is just a thirty minutes ferry ride away from Mexico which is an incredible place for partying, drinks, music and adventure. This island is called the “Isle of Women” which has a romantic tale of love behind it. This has a wide coast of white sandy beaches and offers amazing fun activities which even include snorkel diving. The local food here is amazing.

The Oaxaca s the place which is the destination for food lovers, music lovers and people who love to explore the historic and archeological sites. This place is mostly famous for its food and vivid spices. One can even explore the wild safaris in the jungles, white sandy beaches and an unlimited adventure at this place.

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