Skinny Ties- Spot the trend

Fashion trends are more or less enigmatic. You will never know how swiftly they evolve and spring back in vogue with a twist. This hot scoop is all about timeless skinny neck ties that have been holding the ground for quite a long time but were disappeared in the middle. However you might have caught a few glimpses of this classic trend a number of times in last two decades. The trend came out of nowhere and this time it is going to stick longer.

Ties have always been a part of men’s clothing accessories and are regarded as an epitome of a class. The trend of ties dates back to early seventeenth century and its evolution all these years is quite evident from what you have seen in the retro movies few decades ago. And now various fashion designers across the globe are trying to utilize their artistry and are coming up with enhanced versions. One such instance are- skinny ties. Fashion revolution has given birth to the trend and the idea wasn't very much approved when first designers came up with it. But once the trend was spotted, it frenzied a lot of common masses across the globe.

Thinking about the whole suit and tie look, your mind dances back to the memories which included famous elite class men boasting about the vibrant colored neckpiece in eminent parties? This implied that fashion of wearing ties were only confined to elite class. But the young designers have condemned this view and have come up with something big that could draw attention of men’s of different classes or age groups. And this led to the invention of skinny ties.

The whole idea was to shrink the breadth of the clothing accessory and this has been happening over the years and ultimately it got reduced to ultra slim, sleek and chick piece of clothing. And thankfully, this idea was highly appreciated by men of all ages.

Observing the recent trend, you might tell that this chunky piece of accessory is not wholly confined to geeks but is also holds a cool, funky and chick look that goes well with casual laid back fashion. Sport them with tailored suit and bright colored sneakers and you will get that look. If you are going for a formal wear, black skinny silk tie will do your job the best way. Neutral shades also work well but all depends on the color and design of the shirt. And apart from ties in black and white, you can explore kaleidoscopic range. From coral red to zesty yellow, emerald green to turquoise blue you will find a wide gamut of colors in skinny ties. Fuchsia skinny ties in satin, silk or polyester go well with black or dark hued shirts. Turquoise skinny tie works well with neutral, bright as well as dark hued shirt. Apart from single hued ties, you will also find designer ties with prints on silk or satin material.

Whatever your fashion statement is- Formal or laid back, don't forget to add "skinny-ties" to your clothing accessories and flaunt that flair. Believe it, these are must haves for every occasion and their trend is never-ending!

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