Sleek and Beautiful Sterling Silver Rings

In the olden days, gold was more preferred for making jewelry, especially rings. Today, however, sterling silver rings are giving gold rings a good competition. People are no longer stuck to just gold bands on their fingers. Now, they have the option of wearing a lighter-colored and sleek looking ring in the form of sterling silver. Those who are shopping around for rings should definitely look into sterling silver rings.

More and more people are making use of sterling silver rings as their engagement rings because some say that gold is passé. This depends on personal preference though. However, because of silver’s more affordable price, people settle for silver rings instead of buying gold ones. After all, silver is still a precious metal which is durable and beautiful at the same time.

Silver is more affordable than gold because gold is much harder to find compared to silver. When comparing the properties, jewelers and even those who wear the sterling silver rings may even prefer silver more because it is a little less malleable than gold. This means its shape won’t easily change or be dented compared to gold.

Sterling silver rings are usually engraved with 92.5 or just 925 to indicate their being “sterling silver” or 92.5% and 7.5% of other metals, typically copper. Depending on the jeweler, designs can range from a simple band with linestosmall engraved borders, or these rings may even contain precious stones like a diamond, ruby, or any other stone the client would like to have.

Sometimes, sterling silver rings are even combined with rose gold or gold to come up with accentuated two-toned rings. Because silver is more of a neutral color, combining it with another precious metal helps make it have a fuller look.

Designer sterling silver rings come in hundreds of different designs. Some have Celtic twists and knots, Gothic designs of skulls and other images, or geometric band edges instead of just the normal circular shape. Silver rings can be worn by both genders because of the many different designs made for it.

What’s even better with sterling silver rings is that a lot of jewelry shops offer customization of designs and engravings. Engravings on silver rings take little time while having a unique design can take a little longer. Because of silver’s abundance especially compared to gold, customizing a ring is easier and much cheaper.

Because sterling silver rings tend to sport a more neutral color, they go well with any occasion. Designer sterling silver rings are simple yet eye-catching, and they add just the right amount of glam and flare to one’s outfit. With sterling silver rings, there is no need to worry about having bare hands or unadorned fingers and mismatched accessories.

Overall, designer sterling silver rings have made their way to the hearts of jewelry lovers because of their beauty, durability, and most of all, their practicality compared to gold. One can look elegant, sophisticated, and sleek with a band of designer sterling silver ring on their finger.

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