Sofia Vergara's Sexy Gym Outfit

She Looks This Good Even on Gym Days

Sofia Vergara is dominating fashion headlines, and with good reason. The girl knows what she's got, and knows how to show it! Appearing this time in a right orange t-shirt and black spandex, Vergara showed off just enough of a midriff to get the blood pumping in an outfit she only meant to use at the gym. Stunning and stylish in almost everything she wears, one has to wonder how good that outfit looked after the workout?

Somehow Sofia Vergara manages to look amazing even at the gym.


The "Modern Family" star was spotted heading to a gym in Los Angeles Monday, notes, after spending the Fourth of July relaxing with family and friends. Dressed in black spandex and a teeny cartooned T-shirt, Vergara showed off her curves and her toned stomach as she stolled through a sunny parking lot before her workout session. (Read More)


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