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Recently, India has affirmed as the most appealing continent in the world which invites countless travelers every year. Be it north, south, east and west, India offers pyramid of geographical ingredients, concoction of culture & traditions, legendary faiths, exotic historical sites, breathtaking surroundings etc. South India tours with its popular travel destinations including exclusive landscapes, rich flora & fauna, majestic backwaters, scenic waterfalls, smoothing beaches and a lot more fascinate anyone in his first visit.

With its large networking of channels, Alleppey affirms to be a prominent tourist destination in South India tour packages. Packed with breathtaking houseboats, tranquil beaches, fishing nets, it offers you a cherished experience. Renowned as the most important trade centre of coin products, it welcomes lots of international traders for advance trading. This city also thrills the visitors with its fascinating race boat, takes place in the month of July and August.

Cochin is an integral city in South India which is well-connected to major cities of India through its intercontinental airport. For having an awesome experience, it is an ideal destination to visit. Flanked by Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, on the south-west coast of India continent, it has distinctive diversities to offer. Famed as beautiful port, it represents wonderful boat riding, making your trip unforgettable.

One of the popular religious destinations of south, Madurai is identified for its Meenakshi Temple which is raised on the banks of the Vaigai River. Dates back to the 2500 years, this scared spot has been visited by unlimited scores of devotees throughout the year. Lately, it has become a major part of heritage and culture in South. where to stay in India

Kanchipuram, one of the ancient towns of this coast is a home to thousands of old-age temples, having a great value for Indians. Each temple varies in terms of architecture and scheming. Once lived by most talented rulers namely Cholas, Pallavas and the kingdom of Vijayanagar. Besides it, absolute quality silk and original gold threads are the focusing trade of this town. Local citizens of Kanchipuram are also expertise in weaving of silk.

Mysore, the largest cultural city in South is eminent for its outstanding sculpture and architecture. Mysore Palace is one amongst the most gripping tourist attraction of this city which is visited by a huge crowd every year. With its exquisite carving and interiors, it has won the hearts of the tourists significantly. Therefore, south India travel places exceptionally welcome you with warm invitation. Find more on tailor made tours India and India tours


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