A Couple's Love of Antique Diamond Jewellery Brought Them Together

Janet and Albert both love antique jewellery. They are both adept at shopping for antiques, and they both have a love that transcends human bounds for antiques. And now, they have each other. Janet was shopping for antiques online. This is how their relationship began; they did not know that they were neighbors, nor did they know that their common love would end up uniting them in romance.


Janet ordered a diamond ring. She planned her budget around this ring, and she decided to have it sent via UPS to her home in Nantucket. This was simple enough; if she wasn't home, she would ask the UPS rep to leave it at her door, or to leave it in her mailbox, for she thought the package would be small. When she filled out the form to leave her address, though, she spelled one thing wrong, and this is the beginning of our story.Janet wrote 214 instead of 215 at her own error, and she asked to have the package shipped here. Little did she know, the package would go to Albert, who, unbeknownst to Janet, was also a lover of antiques. He had ordered from Kalmar Antiques QVB many times, but he had not ordered jewelry from them for a while, so he was surprised when the package arrived at his door.

A Nice Surprise

Albert was surprised to receive the ring, and he opened it anyway, just to make sure he hadn't made a mistake. But he knew that he hadn't ordered a beautiful ring from them. When he opened the package, he then saw Janet's name on the invoice, and he knew he was in error receiving the lovely jewelry. He had seen Janet's name before on the email listserv, so he decided to send her an email to see if he could deliver the ring to her.Janet was happy that Albert had seen her name and was prepared to bring her the ring. It turned out that they lived across the street from each other, and that she had heard of Albert since his wife had passed away last year. Janet was recently divorced, and her husband had left her the home in Nantucket in the settlement.

Smitten by His Looks

Albert walked across the street to deliver the ring to Janet, and Janet was immediately smitten by Albert's dashing charm and good looks. He looked young for his years. Albert blushed when he saw Janet, and he immediately said something awkward. They then got to talking and discovered that they shared a similar love for antique jewellery, and it turned out that Albert had allowed his wife to furnish their entire home with antiques. Janet and Albert immediately began seeing each other, and just last spring, they had Janet's July diamond ring converted into an engagement ring to commemorate the ring's place in the beginning of their relationship. They plan to order antique wedding bands with diamonds for their wedding. As you can see, they've come a long way, and all because of a shared love of antiques. Perhaps in the future, they will be looking for a wonderful ruby and diamond eternity ring.

Who Knows Where To find Love?

You, too, can find an engagement rings or a wonderful ruby and diamond eternity. We can't promise that your story will end like Janet's and Albert's did, but who knows? The world is a large place, and these two found each other through a shared love of antique jewellery.


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