Spring Skin Cleansing with Botanical Based Luxury Tonics

My post-winter skin strategy: Visage Vitale and Corps Vitale

Robin Ayers-Lee

WITH SPRING TURNING THE CORNER, who doesn’t want to shed a dull wintery complexion and embrace revitalized skin and wellbeing? Two potent formulations from In Fiore have done exactly that for my skin’s flattened glow: VISAGE VITALE and CORPS VITALE. More wellness formula than mere beauty product, these two holistic heavy-hitters take a cue from ancient tradition and target what’s going on internally, decongesting and restoring the skin from the inside out. By boosting circulatory health, Visage Vitale therapeutic face toner, and Corps Vitale lymphatic body toner act as synergistic catalysts for complete detoxification. Perfect as a winter wake-up call.

The Vitale treatments are deep, penetrative juice fasts for the skin– bathing it in renewed vitality while drawing out any sluggishness. Comprised of the best organic, biodynamic and wild-crafted ingredients, these wünder tonics flush out impurities by awakening the internal systems that drive toxins out of the body. For a complete head to toe revitalization use them daily for three weeks, or several times a week as part of your regular wellness regimen. Your skin, body, and mind will thank you.

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Robin Ayers-Lee

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