Stay In Style With Modest Clothing To Beat The Summer Heat

In most professional workplaces there is a written, or unwritten, dress code for women that encourages or requires women to wear modest clothing that is not too revealing. However, for most women, even if there isn't a dress code it is still more comfortable and professional to go to work without having to worry about the practical nature of your clothing.

Dressing modestly in the workplace doesn't mean that you have to compromise on fashion and style. In fact, most of the classic designs that are timeless are naturally very modest clothing. You can also wear a lot of your cute clothing, and all you need to do is wear a lightweight jacket or blouse that gives you that extra bit of protection while also adding a whole new dimension of style.

Consider Layers

Layers, starting with a cute cami or short sleeved t-shirt are a great way to dress for summer yet also look professional. Over the cami or t-shirt consider a big blouse or a dress shirt that is brightly patterned with vibrant summer colors. The cami or t-shirt is still visible at the neckline and you can choose a contrasting or complimentary color to accentuate one of the colors in the blouse or shirt.

A great look includes a lightweight pencil skirt that is fitted yet comfortable, a brightly colored or white cami, and a big shirt that has flowers, geometric patterns or vertical stripes. The big shirt can be belted with a narrow belt to add shape, or it can be left loose and blousy for a very cool, professional look that is guaranteed to beat the heat.

Relaxed Summer T-shirts

Loose, comfortable t-shirts can be dressed up or dressed down and worn with cropped pants, casual skirts, jeans or Bermuda shorts. The way that you mix and match will have to do with where you are going and what image you want to present.

For a dressy look add summer jewelry in the form of bangle bracelets and bigger necklaces and earrings. A solid colored loose t-shirt will go with most neutral colors in bottoms, or you can choose a patterned t-shirt for a dressier look.

Loose Fit Is Cool

Tight clothing is not only uncomfortable in the summer but it also not the most flattering look in the heat. Instead, look for pants, skirts and shorts that are fitted at the waist and hips but that allow more room to move. Not only will you stay more comfortable but you will also find that these styles are more flattering for every figure. For those that are not comfortable with shorter styles try a maxi skirt or cropped pants, both which can be dressed up or dressed down for casual to dressy wear.

Finding modest clothing for summer wear is a snap if you just keep in mind that you can wear anything if you layer it or wear a summer jacket or shirt over the top. Breezy, cool and lightweight fabrics are always a good option and will get you through the hottest summer days in style.

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