Style DOs and DON?Ts According to Rachel Zoe


If anyone knows fashion and style, it’s Rachel Zoe. While an art is always subjective, the designer-stylist dishes out some noteworthy fashion tips to Glamour that we can all incorporate in our everyday life. Here are her top Dos and Don’ts for fashion as well as splashes of insights for life and style:

DO tread lightly on trends

You have to interpret what’s hot to make it work on yourself. If tweed suits are in but you’re not a suit kind of girl, wear the jacket with jeans and a pair of Converses. The idea is that you wear it the way that becomes the most you. For example, skinny jeans couldn’t be more in style, but they make my legs look really short, so I only do them with thigh-high boots.

DON’T wear pants the wrong length.

Something that’s very painful for me is when people wear pants that are too short. I can’t, you know what I mean? Here’s the rule: Unless they’re cropped to ankle length on purpose, your pants should always skim the ground, like just a quarter-inch above the bottom of your foot. In the luxurious life, we would have different pairs of the same style hemmed for heels and hemmed for flats, but most of us don’t, so you have to choose. If you’re going to make the commitment to wear heels, your pants have to skim the ground. Please just commit. I can’t bear too-short pants. They make me crazy!

DON’T mix hardware

Let’s say your bag has silver metal, but your jacket and your belt and your shoes have gold. No. I don’t love mixing.”

So take what you like, trash what you don’t. But these guidelines by Ms. Zoe are great advice, no matter what your fashion style may be.


Allie Montgomery

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