Sweatpants to Wear in Public

American Apparel

Yep, you read the title right. Apparently sweatpants are becoming acceptable to wear in public. Seriously. However, if you're reading this, chances are pretty high that you feel like I do and would never wear them out of the house as any kind of fashion statement. However, companies have been putting out more "attractive" sweatpants lately: I just don't think they'll ever be worthy of wearing anywhere beyond my front door.


Sweatpants have seen a resurgence in menswear lately, but that doesn't mean the style is getting any sloppier. On the contrary, today's sweatpants are cut slim with a slightly tapered leg, and a shorter hem so they sit right above your shoe. The construction and materials have gotten a lot beefier too, heavyweight fleeces and superior stitching make these ten times more durable than any pair you can get at big box retailer for a song. Make your off-duty look a little more comfortable without sacrificing your style by getting a pair of these modern-looking sweatpants. Here are a few worth checking out, in a variety of price points: Check Out Some Sweatpants!

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