Synthetic Grass: Tips on Spray Painting a Sports Logo

There is no doubt that in addition to the obvious benefits of a synthetic sports playing surface, fans engage with the game and a better atmosphere is created when team and sponsor logos are painted on the field to create that big game feel. Here is a look at the best way of creating a logo on your sports pitch and also how to remove it when you are done.


Preparing your surface

The first thing to do is make sure that you have the right tools for the job and that your synthetic grass surface is suitably prepared and ready for applying a logo. For the best result it is advisable if possible to choose a day when the weather conditions are just right which is when the field is dry and the wind is relatively low. You should first groom the surface with a brush and make sure that any loose debris and any leftover paint from a previous logo have been completely removed.


Creating the logo

Trace the design for your logo on a piece of stiff cardboard and try to remember to keep the design as simple as possible and avoid many different colors or small parts of the design that will not show up well on a larger scale. Cut the logo out of the cardboard and place it on the playing field in the area that you want the display to be painted on. When the wind conditions are right you should use an airless paint sprayer to paint the outline of the logo and then wait for the paint to dry. Use the cardboard cut-outs to blank out any areas that you do not want painted and then fill the inside of the logo using the airless sprayer. Try to avoid spraying too deep into the grass as the best visual results are always achieved when the paint is applied to the tips of each blade of grass. Keep the area clear until the paint is fully dried and allow sufficient for this before actually using the field again.


Removing the logo

You will no doubt want to change your logo on a regular basis and add a new design so the efficient removal of your logo is a task that is relatively simple provided you use the right tools and materials. You can buy some paint remover from a local hardware store but make sure that it is a specialist product that does not eat plastic, there are several natural oil paint removers available including some made from orange oil. Before you resort to a commercial paint remover you can attempt to remove the logo by using some warm not boiling water and a mild detergent which you can apply by gently scrubbing to loosen the paint. After a few minutes of gentle scrubbing you can use your hands to pull away all the loosened paint and throw it away. The results you achieve and method you have to use will normally depend on the type of paint that you have used to create the logo.  Wear protective gloves to protect your skin when carrying out this work and use extra thick paper towels to pull the paint off if using a paint remover product.


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