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Hayman Island Sea Plane

Hayman Island

A photo is worth a thousand words and is a great way to share your holiday with your friends and family. But a stand-out photo isn’t always easy to take. There’s a lot to think about composition, lighting, framing...the list goes on.


Here are some tips for taking holiday photos on Hayman Island:

Every photo album has to have a cheesy sunset photo! Preparation is important when you’re taking a photo of the sunset on Hayman Island. Take a day or two to find different spots on the island that you think are particularly beautiful. One location you should definitely take photos at is Mt Carousel, which has spectacular views of the neighbouring islands. Of course, you’ll find many more ideal sunset locations on Hayman Island. Once you have scouted the best spots, make sure you arrive at least an hour to get set up before sunset. Have a look around at the different silhouettes that are formed from the nature on the island. Remember that a sunset only lasts half an hour so you want to make the most of the time you have taking photos, rather than setting up. Keep in mind that overcasts days can also produce amazing sunset photos!


Beach Scenes
You can’t come to Hayman Island without taking photos of the white beaches and crystal clear water. The natural light and the beauty of the waves crashing on the shore capture the essence of a holiday on Hayman. Look beyond the cliché shots of the water and look for focal points, such as a sandcastle wresting by the water’s edge or seashells scattered across the sand. The best time to take beach photos is early or late in the day, as there are less people on the beach and the light is usually richer, with shadows created by daybreak or just after the sun has set. Another unique photo moment is when the weather is terrible, for example after a storm. The torn trees near the beach and scattered beach items, such as towels and lifeguard chairs make for a dramatic photo. 

Underwater Shots
Unlike sunsets and beach scenes, the best time to take an underwater photo is during the day from 10am-12pm. Many Hayman Island holiday goers will walk the 3km to the beautiful Blue Pearl Bay or get a boat there for snorkelling and diving. When you are taking photos underwater, there’s a lot you need to ask yourself. Before you dive down into the waters surrounding Hayman Island do a little research. What marine life calls the waters home? Take a look at other photos that have been taken in the area to get an idea of the best subjects. Think about the composition; will that certain fish species look best from above, below or the side? The water density will affect certain aspects of your photo: clarity, contrast and sharpness. Due to this most underwater photographers will use a macro or wide-angle camera.


When you’re travelling to the Great Barrier Reef, especially Hayman Island, bring your camera and snap away! You’ll be bound to take wonderful photos that will last a lifetime. 

Hayman Island’s Digital Marketing Executive, Gina Levy, loves nothing more than visiting new lands, meeting the people and learning different languages and customs. She also happens to work for one of the most beautiful islands in the world, and is fortunate enough to explore the Great Barrier Reef as part of her job.

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