Taking the Beard to the Boardroom



Beards have come a long way over this last decade (even I sport a short, scruffy look most the time) and we're seeing more people in power rocking this men's grooming centerpiece. It's the one piece of style that can be seen on people from all economic positions and, hopefully, can be used one day to bring the world together in harmony. 


We’ve ruminated in the past on Lloyd Blankfein’s sartorial strategies and the tradition of executive dressing, particularly among Italian titans of industry who know how to do it. So we were curious to discover recent shots of Mr. Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, in Davos, with a beard. Apparently he grows them when he’s on vacation and this time he felt confident enough to go on the record before the cameras.

While this did not cause as much comment as the First Lady’s bangs, it does represent the migration of the beard from the urban woodsman to the corporate boardroom. Read More

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