Taylor Swift Looks Gorgeous At Fragrance Foundation Awards

Taylor Swift

Fayes Vision/

Taylor Swift has a natural beauty that's almost impossible to rival, but her fashion sense accentuates that natural beauty to such a degree that it's hard to still my throbbing heart. Looking angelic in an elegantly cut, all-white dress that looked like a dream made manifest, Taylor Swift has once again shown that she knows how to put fashion to work for her.


She can sing, act and write killer songs, but did you know that Taylor Swift also makes a mean perfume? Well, she doesn't make it herself, but you get the point! The hit singer celebrated her popular fragrances last week at the Fragrance Foundation's 2013 FiFi Awards in a beautiful white Emilio Pucci gown that turned quite a few heads.


Taylor's style has been rapidly evolving over the last year or so, and it's quite exciting to see her coming into her own as a fashion star. Recently, she's been pushing the edge with sexy mini dresses and daring cutouts, but for this event, Taylor opted for a subtly sexy LWD. (Read More)


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