Taylor Swift Talks Friendships and Dating

Taylor Swift on cover of Harpers Bazaar

Paola Kudacki

Continuing to follow her life as normal as a 22-year old in her situation could, Taylor Swift might be known to date around but, seriously, is that really a problem? I've known much less talented people who have date far more people in a smaller time frame and you don't think any less of them, do you?


Taylor Swift may wear the pants in the music industry, but when it comes to relationships, the superstar doesn't like to take control. 

The 22-year-old singer covers the December issue of Harper's Bazaar and dishes on her friendship with Emma Stone and Selena Gomez, as well as her dating style, where she confesses that her relationships need "to be equal."

"If I feel too much like I'm wearing the pants, I start to feel uncomfortable and then we break up," she tells the mag, while also admitting that relationships are "the ultimate collaboration." Read More


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