Taylor Swift's Nearly Impeccable Fashion Sense

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Taylor Swift has been around long enough now where it's no longer a wait-and-see scenario as it has moved into the she's-a-legend ground. Even if you're not a fan of her music, the impact of her style and fashion is impossible to argue against and she will likely be around for many, many years to come.


Fact: Taylor Swift's latest album Red is currently in high rotation on the office playlist. But that's not the only reason the songstress is on our radar right now. Swift also happens to have a keen fashion sense, a retro mix of sweet A-line dresses and preppy outfits with a '50s-inspired feel—think: plaid button-ups paired with cuffed jeans and oxfords—that has rightfully earned the People's Choice Awards' winner for Best Country Artist a turn in this month's Style Spotlight. From a feminine trench coat to the perfect red lipstick, today's slideshow is your guide to snagging some of Swift's most noteworthy looks. Read More

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