Ten Quick Ways to Add Sales Appeal to Your Home

Homebuyers are a choosy bunch. This can make selling your home more challenging than ever. However, a few simple tips can help turn your pad into the cream of the crop.

Putting your home on the market is a big decision and you won't be taking it lightly. The last thing you want is a handful of very low offers or, even worse, no interest at all. You don't have to add an extension or knock down walls to present your home at its best or give yourself the best chance of selling success. There are a few easy ways to give it a boost.

Update furniture
Getting rid of old, scrappy furniture and replacing with new items may seem extravagant, but don't forget that you can take this with you to your new home. Adding some attractive bedroom furniture or lounge furniture can set the scene for your prospective buyers.

Improve storage
One of the key things buyers look for is storage. Add extra storage wherever you can. Shelves around the ceiling for books and ornaments, dual-purpose bedroom furniture, window seats with clever storage and a handy cupboard under the stairs are all good starting places.

De-clutter until you can't de-clutter anymore
If there is one thing guaranteed to make rooms look smaller, it's clutter. So, be ruthless and go through each room methodically and box and bag up anything that is not essential.

Create an extra room outside
You don't have to be an expert gardener to create a usable garden. Make sure yours is trimmed to perfection and is tidy. If possible, create a seating area, however small, to make buyers believe they can enjoy the space easily.

Improve light
Bringing light into your home helps to create an illusion of space. Do this simply by cleaning windows, using light and simple window dressings, adding mirrors to reflect light into the room and introducing elegant lamps and lights to illuminate dark corners.

Give it a coat of paint
A fresh coat of paint everywhere will work wonders to brighten your home. A simple cream is fine and is cost effective, to give a neutral look.

Improve your bathroom
You can improve the general look of your bathroom by replacing fixtures and fittings such as towel rails and taps and adding in some simple attractive accessories and a fresh new blind. Don't forget to clean grouting or use a specialist grouting paint.

Improve your kitchen
Like the bathroom, a new kitchen will, of course, appeal to buyers, but this is an expense most of us don't want to make when moving out. Instead, look to replacing things like taps and door handles with new ones. You could replace just the doors of your cabinets, which is a cheaper alternative to a new kitchen.

Give it some kerb appeal
The first impression is an important one, so be sure to give your front door a coat of paint, clean the windows and make sure you have a generally welcoming entrance. A shiny new door number will look a treat and a pair of elegant conifers or olive trees flanking your door will all add kerb appeal.

Target your buyer
Whoever you think your ideal buyer is, make sure you dress your home accordingly. For example, a family may like to see your spare room dressed as a playroom, or a professional couple may like to see it as a study.

Selling your home is always going to be a challenge, but following these few easy tips can help to give you the best chance of appealing to a wide range of buyers.


Kirk Ripley is an interior designer and journalist writing for several blogs and websites. He has bought and sold over a dozen houses and claims his best investment purchase has been bespoke bedroom furniture for unusually shaped loft rooms.

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