Teodara : The Football sized Emerald

The Football Sized Emerald

For once in our lives, we wholeheartedly believe the claim of a once in a  lifetime opportunity sale that is being said for this football sized emerald. Easily mistaken for a large watermelon - the 57,500 carat emerald has an appraised value of $1.15 million. However gives its unique character, its hard to say what Teodaro will finally sell for once it goes up on auction.

The current owner - Regan Reaney says that there is simply no way to describe the stone and it has to be seen to be believed. The emerald was mined from Brazil , the exact location of which is however kept a secret.

Teodaro - a name which owes its origin to a Brazilian word which translates as a gift from gods was found by an individual miner rather than a big company. The final price of the emerald will depend on how much collectors value its rarity. Its hard to expect a similar sized emerald find anywhere else in the world. In terms of world records - the Teodora is actually the fifth largest emerald ever found, but the biggest that’s been cut with facets.

The auctioneers - Western star auctions are also pleased as punch to have the emerald. “Its stunning, a thing of beauty and far and above the most precious item we have ever had” , said Western Star Auction owner Mike Odenbach.

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