Thailand: A country of varied scenery for every traveler

Thailand or officially the Kingdom of Thailand is located at the center of Indochina peninsula in Southeast Asia is mainly divided into four main zones, the fertile central plains dominated by Chao Phraya River, north east plateau, kingdom’s most barren region, mountainous north and typical Southern peninsula. Each region has its own myriad of attractions that fascinate its visitors to visit it. Explore all this and much more, just book Discounted Flights To Thailand and visit it on your own. The capital and largest city of Thailand is Bangkok, which is its political, commercial, industrial and cultural hub. With great food, tropical climate, fascinating culture, lovely balmy beaches, Thailand is a magnet for travellers and attracts visitors from far off places to visit it and enjoy its beauty and cultural heritage.

Each of these areas comes with host of mind blogging attractions. Central plains are blessed with Chao Phraya River and Meklong River Valley which is sometimes also referred as Rice bowl of the country. It is the most fertile region and a great tourist spot that contains host of attractions with great historical significance. Central region is dominated by Bangkok; the capital of Thailand that has grown rapidly in recent years is predominant urban area in Thailand. Bangkok with its huge and diverse population, its shopping centers, western style apartment and its cosmopolitan sophistication make it truly an international city that still retains its temple compounds, Chinese shops and vibrant city life. It is truly a fantastic place to visit and explore. The tour of Bangkok’s Grand Palace and the sight of the Holy of Holies within the Jade Buddha in Wat Phra Kaeo are among the highlights of any visit to Thailand. Amongst most charming temples in Bangkok is the Marble Temple which is made from a distinct white Tuscan marble imported from Italy. The city is also famous for its many lively markets that are in operation all day and occasionally through night. Tha Thewes Market and Chatuchak Market are the most prominent one. To catch the glimpses of this and much more just take low price direct flights Bangkok from LHR and enjoy its cultural diversity.

North Thailand’s cooler climate, dramatic scenery and unique location provide range of outdoor adventure to its guests. The cities of Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai provide gateways to explore jungles, rivers , mountain and forests of this scenic region. Visit the Khao Yai National Park, a UNESCO world heritage site which is reachable form Bangkok on a long day trip.

When it comes to Southern Thailand, this area is bestowed with some magnificent and excellent beach resorts of international standard. Perhaps the greatest of all beaches Phuket is quite popular among visitors. Other popular destinations of southern Thailand include Samui Island, Angthong National Marine Park and Krabi.

To visit all these myriad of activities offered by these group of attractions just catch flights to Thailand and visit them.


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