The Art of Color Blocking

Stick with classic shapes and styles.

Anyone who is into fashion loves the runway. They love the tall, chic models, the bright, extravagant outfits, and the high-class clientele who flood the first row. However, not only does the average person not have $1000 to spend on a feathered top, they also have nowhere to wear it to. 

But there is a sophisticated trend that lives on that even us common folk can utilize without looking ridiculous – and that trend is color blocking. Color blocking is sunny, fun, corporate-friendly in the correct pieces, and interesting. Read on below to learn how to use color blocking this Friday… or hell, get a little crazy and use it next Monday. 

1. Use classic shapes. If you’ve got a bright green shirt covered with frills and bows and ribbons and yellow polka dots, it may not work for work. But if you’re pairing a simple black top with simple pink pants, you’ll be chic without the ridiculousness. Stick to basic shapes like button downs, straight leg pants, and blazers. 

2. Pick your neutral. You can’t wear a blue top, yellow pants, and pink shoes… unless you work at the circus. But, you can wear that blue top and yellow pants if you have a neutral that you can put with the majority of pieces – for example, with black heels and a black blazer, these crazy color tie in together and will make you, and your boss, feel a whole lot more comfortable. 

3. Clash. You don’t only have to match reds with blacks or purples with oranges – you can play with shades, too, in a way that used to scream clash. I don’t know why, but this no-no has now become a convenient irony. Match light pinks with dark pinks, light blues with dark blues, and play up your jewelry. 

4. Utilize basic colors. The closer you are to a color of a rainbow, the better off you’ll be. A funny-colored light orange may have a hard time working with another color, but a classic blue or red can’t go wrong. Choose pieces not only in basic shapes, but basic colors, too. 

5. Throw in a print. Got yourself a boring striped tee or polka dotted shirt? Perfect. Pair these black and white patterns with brights for a modern look.

Mix your prints with brights.

Don't be afraid to mix hues of the same color.

Jenna Intersimone

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