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Ha Long Bay, in the north-east of Vietnam, Hanoi 165 kilometers. Ha Long Bay is close to the western part of the Gulf of Tonkin, a sea of Ha Long City and Cam Pha Town in Quang Ninh province. Ha Long Bay is the island waters is limited in coordinates: from 105o58 ‘to 107o22′ east longitude and 20o45 ‘to 20o56′ north latitude. With an area of 1500 square kilometers, with 1,600 islands, of which nearly 1,000 have names, Halong contain the value potential and also many mysteries of nature.

The name “Ha Long” means “Gulf RongXuong”. From the nineteenth century and first, Halong name not found recorded cheptrong the bibliography. Whenever it comes to the Quang Ninh Sea to Halong Bay ngaynay, ancient history often copy Giao Chau, Luc Chau, Luc Thuy, Hai Dong, An Bang, etc. It was not until the late nineteenth century, the bay see hientren name of French maritime map drawn on the Gulf of Tonkin, on a free font number of letters Phapva articles.    

So Halong name is derived from and has ever since? The danHa Long tells us that: “In the old days, when the water Viet Nammoi up in a times Viet Nambi invaders, heaven sent Mother Dragon and her Child Dragons down to help wished Namdanh the enemy. Marine invaders’ boats were rushing mass attack on the shore, the dragons also hagioi. dragons immediately ejected countless pearls. Such pearls get bienthanh of all jade stone islands, where the back wall, where staging disk ratran, block progress of the invaders, enabling Vietnam chienthang. After the victory, Mother Dragon and Child Dragons did not return to heaven again, that earthly olai, where the battle occurred. Property Mother Dragon landed is Lower Long.Cho Child Dragons descended is now Bai Tu Long. tail of the dragon turned up white clear is LongVi, ie today’s Tra Co Peninsula with fine sandy beaches, dozens of kilometers.
This folklore associated with the concept of national origin cuadan English Namla “Dragon and Fairy”. Ethnic Vietnam War winning invaders coRong, Tien help effort. Dragon, Korea’s traditional is the power of the people tocda is iconified.
Thus, the name Ha Long long ago in folklore. Nguoidau first place for the beautiful Gulf Islands poetic name that no one outside dangian. Besides the large bay called “Dragon-down”, many islands, mountain trongvinh brought the first name Dragon, Dragon Tail, as Hon Rong, Long Island Chau, villages CaiRong (island butcher) …
Halong beauty not only in the shape of the mountain, in water colors beautiful sky Macon content both in name.

Natural landscape:

Ha Long Bay is a visual art taohoa strange, subtle combination of sculpture and painting, between the diaphragm coated, khoekhoan with the graceful, poetic. But Ha Long is not a static art work, which is always changing shape and color as time and gocnhin, creating a moment of extraordinary scenery, making visitors ngongang, confused.

Ha Long Bay is the only beach in Vietnam, in an area no wider, moclen thousands of island with bizarre countless shapes vary. The the island mountain quantu on two large sea: One is the Namva side the West Namvinh, the other is the East Bay. In between the islands and mountains, is the valley the sea propeller ronghinh, no alternating mountain island, seems to create turns like for dukhach a panoramic view to admire the natural scenery.

On two seas distribution of rocks, if from on flight caomay looking down, the bay is a blue mirror, sparkling, dinhlen member blue pearl shape. Ha Long Island is not a rock nhungqua monotonous, tedious, which is the world living creatures hidden hientrong how the mysterious shape stone. Hardly any island not by at least a familiar image makes me think of the world of susong. Island is the same old man fishing (Hon La Vong He), the island of the same fairy (She Tien Island), have reversed identically to a person (First Island), or entitled double gachoi (Hon Ga Choi), The toads, turtles, cats, dog standing, non trenmat horse … As long as the rocks are “inner landscape full of Storage period, are dreams.” Go between Ha Long Bay with thousands of islands, large and small, many hinhdang, feels like the middle of a world of animals undergoing millions of stone namhoa.

You look at the foot of the rocks, where the uneven side of the water. In daybien both diligently carved many exquisite shapes, strange, multi-tier, multi-layered, curved soft, hidden tracks make up the “No” decorative stone as ocac column of temples. In some islands, the foot of sea water corrosion, concave hanxuong, make legs become slender island shore up its massive body, which looks funny to imbalances.

Ha Long Island under the hand carved trim single lady of taohoa I just create sculptures, monuments, vivid natural chamnoi, but also create a unique architecture block. That pyramid cacdao, conical box, standing between the valley sea as a spectacular bieutuong of the past. There are islands of four pillars, surface, four flat face, black bongnhu be grafted with iron boards planed. With curved island resemble the ngavoi, as high up as the claws of a mighty wind, small tapered and sharp. There are islands be cautruc as pyramid or the deployment of a range with many peaks undulating like unfinished phacthao monument, or a distant castle has collapsed, now remaining waste tichhoang absence.

On the rocks, vegetation, dwarf, small leaves Government color xanhmuot that the top, such as “training each constellation hair” (poet Nguyen Trai, Don baiVan). There is nothing more exciting by going on the sailboats softly nhichluot, creeping forest watching the mysterious island of Ha Long.

From Bai Chay, fast boat took us across the bay Hon Gai, towards the sea, the island of the south and southwest, looking away wondering a wall thanhvung bottles, separated from the cage, connecting the tank to the back of the sky. But boat dengan, as suddenly broken walls, winding corner ratruoc eyes, dodging walls. I moved surf boat through niche nhungngo on dark green water creek intermittent mountain shade garden, both sides the island dungdung wall jars. Time slot ahead of the narrow creek, sometimes a manhkhoi and sail away from the surf with brown or purple are surfing with, sometimes egg a troixanh arch flute with the clouds hovering cotton, which at the sharp slopes of the island tuamui knife, sword pointing up in the air. I’m amazed at the scene things this thomong, first appeared on the scene, fresh, and full of charm. The ngongach at closed, sometimes open, sometimes straight corridor sparkling water, and sometimes uonluon at the foot of the towering mountain mysterious shade poured down the water yenang. When the boat was going, suddenly a tall zip lentruoc the island chain, blocking the water inlets, thought the same way. But, when boat taluot to the island chain as his shy, opens the way unexpected turn lead us deep vaorung island is both familiar and strange. The landscape of Halong bay tours  island Exit hidden, with the change as long as the moment that made know how du khachngac course, passionately.

Eastern Gulf Island waters is where clustered the mountain Kyla as the embodiment of the vibrant life in the period of only vatkhong giant reign millions of years ago. This place the man mused haynguoi wife looks husband. And there is an animal in standing still or swimming. Roihon petitioners, Bananas, more Chopsticks, The Pen … But the strange result Long nuiHa not only the mystery of the living species, senseless under the coldness of the stone, but also the unpredictable kaleidoscope of the mountain wondering if there mathuat a.

With online southern island solid “Wall as nhungnguoi giant boobs bouncing” blocked sea waves, giving exceptional Halong Bay silence. Along with excellent sea blue pearl and hondao the heart the same message, the tranquility of the Gulf as a mirror reflection lamtang add the bowl of the landscape: mountain, water glisten ball, then back lenhlang sun (Zheng Gang ).

Spring, when the vegetation around the shores of Halong busy, flowering shoots, the bay becomes a magical world of nature. Buoisom spring in Ha Long Bay, the island flutter in the silver mist vague. The top black daoxanh and in the mist, sometimes hidden, sometimes flickers, floating troinoi. The capital rock solid mountains, rugged, rough, became soft, delicate, smooth as unusual painted by the brush champha features. When the sun rises, the dew on the Gulf of fading, only remaining mongdi film on the top of the island. Island into the white-haired Mr. Tien sitting tramngam on Green Bay specifically, zigzag shadow to the bottom of the Gulf of thought as rooted daoda.

Summer in Halong Bay is south wind dummy. The very tanthoi wind from the ocean, through mountainous island layer, bring land cool lanhcua sea. In the summer, stay at the Bai Chay tourist area, you will enjoy the giomat a half of Halong not stop blowing. Four tourists in droves flock to Halong, Bai Chay stay in or Tra Co, is to catch the wind and sea bathing. Fishing boats, after a night of wrestling with the sea, forest bypass the southern island, rushing back cácbến yards. Sails white, brown, red swollen early wind, brilliant flowers dayhuong title of ca.Canh sea sunrise on the Ha Long Bay is spectacular. Dukhach first visit Halong not eager to witness the moment “or” of heaven and earth takes place in Ha Long.

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