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With so many smartphones coming out each year, now accompanied by tablets, laptops, 3D TVs and phablets there are now a huge array of technological goodies to make life not only simpler but faster too. Any gadget lover will want the next big thing in entertainment, but now we're so reliant on technology it's import to ensure you're gadgets are insured too, as the majority of us would be lost without them.

The one thing that every technological house has now is a TV, and you may have thought that 3D was the latest innovation - but it isn't. Designer Michael Friebe has developed a transparent TV, combining LCD technology and TOLED display, to allow non-transparent images and solid moving pictures on a TV that is otherwise clear. Forget the iWatch - surprising guests with a translucent TV would be much more impressive.

People who struggle to get up in the mornings to make those all-important business meetings will be glad to know that there is now a new and much-improved version of the alarm clock. Rather than hitting the snooze button and drifting off back to sleep, there is now a pillow that vibrates when it is time to get up so you can't slip back into your dream. Designed by Seung Jun Jeong, the pillow uses the weight of your head against it as the snooze trigger, avoiding any possible situations in which you overslept.

Although if the thought of being figuratively shaken awake each morning isn't for you then maybe being gently woken up by sunlight streaming through the blinds, as you would at the weekends, is more suitable. Automatic blinds are now available that will slowly open, much like the iris of the eye when waking, allowing you to gradually wake and still be up on time.

How to dry a wet umbrella after venturing in out of the rain has been a conundrum for some time - until now. The swan umbrella dryer, designed by Noh Seon Mi, is shaped much like a small hat stand, and dries the umbrella with the aid of a small engine-generated pump.

There is now an interactive mirror available. We're not talking the same as Sleeping Beauty, but this tech wizardry allows you to watch TV or surf the internet at the flick of a switch, either taking up the bottom-right-hand corner, or your whole mirror. What better way than to start the day with a news update as you brush your teeth?

Plain old surround sound speakers might seem old school compared to the rest, but speaker systems don't get better than Loewe Sound Vision. Compatible with iPods, CDs, Wi-Fi, Internet and radio you can connect to almost any musical system and have it broadcast through these speakers - and what's better is that everything can be controlled through its 7.5in multi touch screen.

Although technology and gadgets in particular are advancing at an amazing rate, the same cannot be said for home insurance policies. If you’re planning on purchasing any gadgets you should check your home and contents policy to ensure it is completely comprehensive. Endsleigh Home Insurance policies allow flexibility in terms of the level of cover, or you can even invest in specialist gadgets insurance.

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