The Best of the Galvin Green Range

Based in more than 20 countries across the globe, Galvin Green is a brand focused on one thing and one thing only – the best possible clothing for golfers, designed by avid fans of the sport to meet the demands and requirements of their fellow sportsmen.

Galvin Green began to develop their unique Multi-Layer Concept for clothing in 2003, and it soon became game changer in the history of clothing for golf. Their clothes are designed for performance, using their specially designed multi-layered fabrics to give an unparalleled level of breathability and comfort in all kinds of weather. On the outside, you’ll find a Shell Layer – made from robust and durable Gore-Tex - to provide protection from the elements. Beneath that, Warm and Cool Layers help to maintain the body’s temperature for added comfort, whatever the weather. And the “skintight” base layer helps to keep skin dry and comfortable during an intensive round of golf.

Here’s three of the best choices from the Galvin Green range – designed by golfers, for golfers, to suit the precise needs of the game.

Acton Waterproof Jacket

Like it or not, there’s no getting away from the weather when you’re playing golf, so it pays to be prepared. If you’re looking to keep dry and warm when the heavens open, the Acton Waterpproof Jacket is a dependable choice. The outer Gore-Tex Paclite shell combines lightness, breathability and stretchability for unrestricted freedom of movement. It even features a smart “rain channel” in the cuffs, which draws water away from your hands – giving you dry skin for the perfect swing in any conditions.

Beyonce Ladies Windstopper Jacket

Combining style and comfort, the Beyonce Windstopper Jacket features a vibrantly-designed motif in blue, red and white with a sleek cut. Extra light Windstopper fabric makes the Beyonce Jacket completely windproof, keeping you warm and focused on the game again. But as you’d expect from Galvin Green, it’s breathable as well, helping to avoid uncomfortable and clammy skin. It’s available in five sizes and also features adjustable elasticated cuffs and bottom edges for the perfect fit.

Max Tour Edition Polo Shirt

Available in black, lemon, blue and white, Galvin Green have taken the classic polo shirt and re-created it with their own inimitable style for a comfortable, hard-wearing shirt. Constructed from a cotton/polyester blend, it features a chest pocket and a discrete Galvin Green logo.

If you’re looking to pick up a few articles of Galvin Green clothing, take a look at for a generous selection of their latest styles.

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