The Dark Knight Rises Bane Real Leather Coat

The trend of superhero movies has evolved tremendously in the recent years. Gaining the attention of not only children but adults as well, these movies have got them marked as ‘evergreen blockbusters’. However, not all superhero movies have a good balance of a captivating storyline along with breathtaking visuals. One movie that makes you feel larger than life and at the same time carries substance is ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

Released back in 2012, the movie takes off from the disappearance of Batman and the subsequent chase of him through his finger prints. Each moment of the movie is extremely enticing and entertaining. The central character of the movie Bruce is definitely the highlight of the entire journey. However, the character played by Tom Hardy as the villain (Bane) is also one of its kinds. With his charisma and chivalry, the character of Bane becomes a heartthrob the moment you get the first glimpse of him.

The charm of the movie lies not only in the story line, but also in the style statement of all the characters. Tom Hardy, reprising the role as ‘Bane’, wears exemplary pieces of fashion wear throughout the movie which stun you with their sophistication. We believe that there is one coat, which should definitely become a part of your wardrobe; hence we present The Dark Knight Rises 2012 Bane coat.

Made from the best quality leather; this Dark Knight Rises Bane Coat is adorned with the royalty of shealing that gives it an exuberant look. The lining of the jacket is full of pride and panache making you feel on the top of the world each time you wear the jacket! One of the most attractive features of the jacket is the loop style button closure of the jacket. From the intricate stitching of the jacket to the vintage style pocketing, every feature of the jacket speaks for itself! So if, you believe you wish to look uniquely elegant this season, this coat has emerged for you!


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