The Delights of Turkey

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Turkey is fit to burst with rich history, stunning and unique geographical landscapes and friendly and inviting people. Straddling two continents, Turkey is a combination of European classicalism and Oriental wonder. It is bordered by eight countries including Greece, Bulgaria, Georgia and Iraq. It is perfect for those who enjoy culture and a beach holiday, Turkey is filled with beautiful things to see and exciting things to do.


As Turkey’s largest city, it was once the capital of Turkey under the Ottoman and Byzantine Empire and under the Roman Empire as Constantinople. These varying and contradictory legacies make Istanbul a unique and vivid place to visit, in terms of architecture and religion as well as modern day art galleries, museums and vibrant nightlife and restaurants. It is known as the City of the World’s Desire.

Gallipoli Peninsular

Gallipoli is the site of a failed Allied campaign in World War One, and is therefore a place of great poignancy. See where the battle of the Lone Pine and Chunuk Bair took place and take in the memorial.


Ephesus is an ancient ruin of a Roman city. Visit the Temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, now represented by a single column, or the impressive theatre that is believed to seat 24,000 and the largest outdoor theatre in the ancient world.


This is a city you must visit, and not just so you can say you’ve been. The epic tale from Homer’s Illiad is a real place where the Greeks fooled the Trojans with a giant wooden horse. Now all that remains are ruins that but hint at the magnificence of the once great city.


The home of the Cotton Castles, Pammukale really is a sight to behold. Calcium deposits from the water that cascades down the cliffs, known as the Travertines, have created cloud like formations that look a lot like snow. The hot springs and calcium terraces mean that it is a popular place for tourists as well as a world heritage site.


This strange landscape that looks like it belongs on a hot dusty planet far from earth is actually in central Turkey. The ‘fairy chimney’ rock formations in Goreme are the homes of the inhabitants, who carved a network of underground houses and tunnels. It is a must-see for anyone visiting this region of Turkey.

 Tours of Turkey are one of the best ways to see Turkey and all the wonders, and delights, it has to offer.


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