The environment votes for paper

Even though the recent financial problems in the World have depressed demand, the general trend is ever increasing; the consumer has more leisure time and more disposable income than previous generations and successful businesses recognise that.

Brand names have become immediately recognisable so that their strength virtually guarantees a successful future; it is a concept that can be used on a much smaller scale with many businesses, especially retail businesses able to reach their local market by advertising themselves on everyday items. Someone on a typical high street can face competition from other retails in the same line of business and it does no harm at all to ensure that the name on a shop front travels around the vicinity and reminds people of its existence.

A  Plain Bag as shown by wikipedia

Paper bags, particularly paper bags that can be used over and over again have become an excellent way to do this; personalised with a name and perhaps a distinctive logo, bags that are reusable carrying everything from the day’s shopping to files, sportswear or clothing. They can do a very good advertising job for a company in the high street, park, school, library or beach, indeed the neighbourhood in general.

Not so plain – add a logo

There are many different types of bags available and it is a matter of deciding their primary use. Colour and style are just two factors to consider. A bright colour with printing in a contrast to the background has a visual impact to catch the eye every bit as much as fashionable clothing and shoes.

Some international brands are now so strong that a logo is sufficient to make them easily recognisable; that takes time but some sports companies have achieved it. A small business is better advised to select a good colour contrast, a name that stands out against the background colour with the logo of secondary importance unless it is already established.

Society is ever more conscious of the environment though there are powerful pressure groups whose interests are in direct opposition to the environmental stance. While it is impossible for some companies to openly flout environmental issues, those that embrace those issues are making their contribution to the future. Plastic has become a product of convenience but one which has proved to be a problem both in its production and its disposal.

While some retailers continue to provide free plastic, non recyclable bags, it is so much better to usepaper bagswhich are eco friendly; they can be strengthened for regular use and have no harmful impact on the environment. Not only can paper be recycled, it can make reusable bags and be recycled once again at the end of the bags’ useful life.

Packaging is an essential part of shopping; retailers can provide a plain bag but something that identifies the business such as the company name on paper bagshas an additional value because it advertises that company for as long as the packaging, in this case a bag, is used. The extra cost involved will be minimal and the benefits likely to far outweigh that cost anyway.


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