The Everlasting Makeup Debate

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Since I don't wear makeup myself, I asked my wife directly if it affects her self-esteem. She said, "Yes, absolutely." So I asked if it was for good or bad, she replied, "If you look good, you feel good; makeup doesn't matter beyond that. I wear makeup because I know it makes me look better, and that makes me feel better about whatever I'm doing at the time." I think I agree. 


I started wearing makeup on a daily basis during my freshman year of high school and never looked back. Though I’ve modified my techniques over the years—learning not to cake on foundation, for instance—the habit has remained entrenched in my morning routine (and my psyche). In fact, I don’t really feel put together unless I’m wearing at least a touch of eyeliner and some strategically placed concealer.

The New York Times recently posted an interesting op-ed debate on whether makeup is good or bad for a woman’s self-esteem, and now I find that I’m asking myself those same questions: Read More

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