The Eyes Have It

An old adage states that your eyes are the window to your soul; they are also a barometer for the amount of stress you have experienced during your busy schedule. After a challenging day at work or a long day at home, your eyes will let you know that it’s time for a break!  The exhaustion you feel manifests itself in your eyes which respond to too much reading, excessive time on the computer, or environmental pollutants.  Eye strain can cause squinting which detracts from your professional appearance and causes an adverse affect on your vision.  On your drive home from work in the glaring sunlight or on your trip to the beach or other outdoor event, make a statement of style and keep your eyes UV protected at the same time.

 How do you choose?

 When selecting this important accessory to complement you business attire or your casual outfit, keep in mind your personal style as well as your budget. You want to choose prescription sunglasses from different web stores that help you to achieve the look that you desire. Do you want to make a bold statement of confidence or do you want to blend in with the crowd? Choose an intellectual, professional look or try a fun casual look that is completely different from your business persona but that highlights your personality.  Whatever your choice, you must be confident in your selection and comfortable in the wearing of your prescription sunglasses.  Styles are as appealing as those for traditional sunglasses and are available to accommodate any budget or lifestyle.  When choosing your prescription sunglasses choose a company that provides you with high quality materials from which your prescription sunglasses will be crafted.  You want your investment to stand up to daily challenges and to meet the personal specifications your eyes need for clear vision.  Select a company that will offer you luxury lenses that have the colour, tinting, and glazing details that you prefer. 

What type of lens to choose?

 There should be three lens types available that meet prescription standards customary in the industry.  A reputable company will offer single vision lenses, bifocal lenses, and varifocal lenses all of which can be provided with tints and protective coatings that you select to fit your individual needs.

 How do I know what suits me?

 The company should provide frame choices that blend with your overall style and fashion statement.  The size of your frames should accommodate the size of your eyes and your face; you want them to work smoothly and comfortably.  As you research companies that provide prescription sunglasses, ascertain if they offer tips for selecting the proper frame for the shape of your face and tips for choosing colours that go with your skin tone.  These are helpful guides that assist you in making choices that you won’t regret after you make your purchase.  If your budget is limited, consider replacing your lenses with your new prescription and using your existing frames. 

 Before you make a purchase, explore the website of the company in which you are interested.  Research their privacy policy, any special deals they are offering, and the customer service procedures that they have in place.  Make your investment an experience that will provide you with satisfaction and comfort for years to come.  When it comes to comfort, style, and protection make sure that your eyes have it!


Suzi McKee is a US based writer covering prescription sunglasses from and other fashion eyewear styles and selectionsShe writes on a freelance basis for several large blogs worldwide.


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