The Fashion as Art Debate


To those out there who argue that fashion isn't art, there is only one true reply, "You're wrong." Considering art is defined as "expression or application of human creative skill and imagination" (by Google, which is never wrong), that means that fashion-as-art naysayers are just likely upset due to an inability to either dress themselves or they don't have the mental capacity to actually understand any art and probably walk around museums saying to themselves, "Pfft, yeah, I could have painted that." Hey, angry hypothetical people, the point is that you didn't and, actually, you probably can't.


Artistry in watchmaking is not only in the movement. An expertly beveled shoulder or contrasting brushed and polished surfaces on a watchcase can be equally eye-pleasing and far more visible. And while case manufacturing is not as much of a micro-engineering marvel as a watch movement, it can be equally technical and difficult to master.

The primary role of the watchcase is to protect the movement from the elements -- heat, moisture, dust, body fluids. But that’s the easy part, thanks to modern gasket materials and the tight tolerances that can be achieved with modern manufacturing. The hard part is designing a case that states the watch's purpose with good proportions and the interplay of finished surfaces. Read More

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