The First Conservative Muslim Fashion Magazine

Monique Jaques/Bloomberg

Islam might not be the first thing that comes to mind when discussing the fashion world, but a handful of Turkish fashion designers are looking to change that through their new magazine Ala. Focusing on traditional Muslim fashion, the magazine highlights the beauty and styles directly linked to the religion while also promoting high fashion and consumerism.


In Istanbul on a recent Friday, it was time to send the page proofs of Ala magazine to the printer. Ala, which means “the most beautiful of the beautiful,” is the world’s first fashion publication for conservative Muslim women. Its office doesn’t feel like a bastion of traditional Islam: The talk is of models, photo shoots, deadlines, and accessories.

Zeynep Hasoğlu, Ala’s new editor in chief, sits behind a giant desk, her brown eyes amplified with dark eyeliner and mascara. She wears a black blazer with matching pants, her tiny frame weighted by a massive tiered rhinestone collar necklace. Read More

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