The Fluid Nature of Fashion


Though the fashion industry is constantly moving products and styles, there are still a few constants that each company maintains to keep up with their images. Though some pieces might appear to be "timeless," there's really no such thing when talking about fashion. Style on the other hand...


THE fall 2013 fashion season begins on the worn-down heels of fall ’12. Stores are marking down the stuff they couldn’t sell as designers present their new duds. There is no time to mourn in fashion, and apparently no room for a guilty conscience about the glut of clothes, since it keeps right on growing like a berserk house plant.

Most individuals, I guess, make their peace with this contemporary reality; they buy less or carefully, they hold on to things, they learn to develop a style for the ages. A friend of mine, a fabulous dresser, very eclectic taste, recently bought a Proenza Schouler leather jacket with a slight Japanese cut, and I gave a sympathetic nod when she said, jubilantly, that she looked forward to wearing the boss jacket in her 90s. Read More

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