The Future of Transportation

There are different modes of transportation available to the public today that includes buses, trains, automobiles, ships, planes, subway systems, and even cycling services. There's no limit to the variety of transportation services available within the United States and globally.

What about the future?
There are several points to keep in mind. The future of the modern vehicle is rapidly changing. The production of electric cars is accelerating, and recently there have been aircraft tested for their rapid possible speed. Where do we go from here?

Evolution of Aircraft
The most global way to travel is by a plane, aircraft carrier, or helicopter. That's not to say that using boats and ships is ineffective, but they pale in comparison to the global use of aircraft to go from one place to another quickly. Each year passenger planes are becoming more upscale and efficient, they're getting to their destinations much faster than before, and the inside of them resembles an air hotel.

The biggest change with airplanes is definitely the luxurious products that have been added on. First class is no longer just a larger chair with slightly better food, instead it feels like you're staying at a hotel room. The improvement in luxury is where transportation services will get major upgrades in the not so distant future.

Changing Subway and Train Services
The organization of trains and subway stations over the past few decades have been astounding. The complex routes and pathways developed in cities have made it much easier to travel about the city, however; the state of those subway systems leaves little to the imagination.

The subway system in NYC is highly intolerable, especially in the summer. It's packed, hot, smelly, and downright grotesque. The future of the subway system may improve technologically somehow, but the greatest improvement will be in the luxury of this system. It's highly likely that in the next decade or so many of these uncomfortable issues will be further addressed and changed drastically.

While we look for new innovative ideas of transport, it's far more possible to enhance comfort rather than try to create a better vehicle in the next few years.

Different Varieties of Public Transportation
The future of transportation services will reflect on numerous varieties of transportation themselves. The bus and taxi industry will likely see improvements to the vehicles themselves, as well as more ways to make the trip more enjoyable. Some improvements could include better heating and cooling systems, more bus bathrooms, more space to sit, and an overall technological improvement on the vehicles.

Certainly one day we might create a flying car or a supersonic passenger jet, but those ideas will remain far in the future. What can be improved is the safety and comfort of the people using these transportation services. It's the people who use these services, and they should get the most for how much they spend using them every day. Surely, technology can address and fix those issues instead of creating a flying car.


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