The Gorgeous and New Unnamed Color

Phillip Lim

While I'm not quite sure what I'd personally call this color (maybe turquette or indigreen), one this is absolutely certain: It's freaking gorgeous on all types of fashions and accessories. I honestly can't wait to see this color popping up more and more as I'm a huge fan of deep, cool hues.


According to NYMag, this peacock-toned hue of indigo-meets-green is 2013′s first hot color, and we’re inclined to agree. A much more daring option than drab winter greys and blacks, and a fun deviation from winter favorites forest green and burgundy, this tone manages to be vibrant while still serving as a neutral. Its’ richness looks incredible with black, white, and tan, but we also love the idea of pairing it with an electric neon yellow or a similarly bright cobalt or fuschia. Read More and Look at the Gallery of Indigreen

Michael P.

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