The Guyana Fashion Weekend Is Coming Soon

Guyana Fashion Week

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The Guyana Fashion Weekend is landing on October 20th and the week long affair promises to feature the best of haute couture to hit Guyana in years. With a week of exciting events and fashion exhibitions that will leave audiences excited for the future fashion season, the entire affair promises to be one of the hottest events of the year.

The show is scheduled for October 20-27 and for the first time, this year’s event will have more of an international flare as well as new features that include an opening show entitled ‘Cutting Style’, which will bring together both food and fashion to the stage and the catwalk.


How do the two come together? A designer will be paired with a chef to create food and fashion on stage.


Innovative! And a definite must see.


Guyana Fashion Week Six will host an entire week of activities with events such as tours, workshops, styling sessions and catwalk training, which are a few of the new features for 2013. (Read More)

Kate Moss Reveals Dark Side of Fashion

There's something dark lurking in the depths of the fashion industry, an unfortunate byproduct of a business that focuses on the symphony of beauty and art that makes fashion work. It's a shadow that's marred even the psyche of beautiful women like Kate Moss, leaving them questioning their suitability and carving deep caverns into their minds. One wonders if it can ever be made better for the beautiful models who must endure.

In a surprising turn of events, ironically a model who was once celebrated for breaking body stereotypes over two decades ago and who later went on to become one of the highest paid supermodels in the world, has today, opted for a body double.


One would have never thought that Kate Moss, even at the age of 39, would for the lack of a better word be "insecure" about her body. Feted for her waif thin figure during a time when voluptuous models like Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell were at the top of the game, Moss ushered in the era of heroin chic and was a pioneer of the size zero trend. (Read More)

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